Live Video Input

WATCHOUT can integrate live video feeds using video input devices, such as capture cards or IP-based streaming. This may be a camera feed, a satellite link, or the image displayed by another computer (e.g., a Microsoft PowerPoint® presentation). For examples on some suitable video input solutions, see “Live Video Input”.

Feeding Multiple Display Computers

The video signal must be fed to each computer on which it will appear. For instance, if your system uses five display computers, and you want to show a live video image straddling two of those five display areas, both those display computers must be fitted with an appropriate input device to capture the signal.

If you are feeding multiple display computers with an identical signal, a video distribution amplifier, matrix, splitter or switch may be required. Suitable devices are available from a wide range of manufacturers.

Software Driver Installation

Most capture cards require specialized software drivers. Although the driver is sometimes delivered with the card, it’s often a good idea to check the manufacturer’s web site for the latest driver version.

WATCHOUT Configuration

Configure each WATCHOUT display computer that is due to show live video as described under "Add Live Video". Optionally, you can also choose to show live video in the Stage window of the production computer (see “Video In” under Preferences).

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