Realtime Tracking Preferences

Multicast Address
The tracking system sends its RTTrPM data on this address.

The port used for sending the data.

System Scale
WATCHOUT employs pixels as its units while RTTrPM uses meters. This value determines the conversion from meters to pixels.

Use Tracking for Floor Projections
This option rotates the tracking data 90 degrees which makes it possible to use the WATCHOUT 2D display for tracked floor projections.

System Origin Offset
Set an offset to your tracking data to position your media in a more convenient place in the WATCHOUT Stage window.

Note: A tracked object cannot be moved using click and drag. In order to change the position of a tracked object, you can either change the position in the cue specifications, use the move command (Ctrl-M) or set an offset to the tracking.
Preferences control screen
Preferences dialog when using realtime tracking.
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