Firewall Settings

The Windows firewall may interfere with normal operation of WATCHOUT. You can avoid this either by disabling the firewall, or by configuring the firewall to allow WATCHOUT to function. To disable the firewall, open the “Windows Firewall” control panel, as shown below.

If the firewall is on, click “Turn Windows Firewall on or off.” This opens the “Windows Firewall Settings” window, allowing you to turn off the firewall.

NOTE: Instead of disabling the firewall fully, you may configure it to allow WATCHOUT and related functions to pass. Consult your computer’s documentation on how to configure the Windows firewall.
Firewall screen
Firewall screen 2
The firewall features should be turned off. Otherwise it may interfere with connecting to and downloading media files to the display computer.

IMPORTANT: A WATCHOUT system should not be accessible from the Internet, or other external network. If you need to access the Internet from your system, use a separate firewall device to protect your complete system from security attacks.

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