VNC Server Software

If you want to use the Computer Screen media item in WATCHOUT to integrate a live computer display into your presentation over the network, for example, to display Excel or Powerpoint as part of a speaker-support presentation, you must install VNC server software on the remote computer. This must be a separate computer – it can not be one of the computers running WATCHOUT software.

NOTE: This software is not required for basic WATCHOUT functions. You only need to install this software if you want to use the “Computer Screen” feature (see “Add Computer Screen”).

VNC (Virtual Network Computing) server software is available for a wide variety of operating systems. The instructions below describe its installation under Windows. VNC is free software, available in several forms:

Download the VNC server software from one of the above locations, and follow the installation instructions. You’re advised to start the VNC server software as a user mode application.

For best performance, use a reasonably fast computer to run the VNC server software and the application you wish to incorporate into your presentation (for example, Powerpoint).

Make sure that the VNC server computer is connected to the WATCHOUT network, and has a fixed, known IP number in its TCP/IP settings. This IP number and other TCP/IP parameters must match the network to which it is connected. Also verify that its firewall is disabled, or that the VNC port 5900 is open in the firewall (see Firewall Settings).

The first time you run the VNC server software, you will be prompted to enter a password. The VNC server software then appears as an icon in the lower right corner of the screen while running. Pointing at this icon displays the IP number of the VNC server. Double-click the icon to change the settings.

VNC screen
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