D. Command Line Options

Some parts of WATCHOUT accept startup options that can be specified on the command line used to launch the program. This is typically done using a shortcut located in a convenient location, such as:

  • The computer’s desktop.
  • The Startup folder, in case you want to launch the program automatically as your computer is started (see “Auto-Starting WATCHOUT”).

A shortcut to the desired WATCHOUT application (such as the display software or the dynamic image server) is created by dragging the application using the right mouse button to the desired location – such as the desktop or the Startup folder – and then choosing “Create Shortcut here”. There are three WATCHOUT applications you may want to create shortcuts to:

  • The display software, named “WATCHPOINT.EXE”, found inside the WATCHOUT installation folder (by default located at “C:\WATCHOUT 6”).
  • The production software, named “WATCHMAKER.EXE”, also inside the WATCHOUT installation folder.
  • The Dynamic Image Server, named “ImageServer.EXE”, located inside a folder named Image Server in the WATCHOUT installation folder.

Once a shortcut has been created, you can configure it by right-clicking the shortcut and choosing Properties. Enter any options at the end of the Target field, separated by a space, as shown below.

Watchpoint shortcut screen 1
The -Delay option specified for the display software.

Note the following details:

  • The first part of the Target field is the full path to the program being started by the shortcut. If this contains any spaces, it will be enclosed in double quotes.
  • The items in the Target field are space separated. This also applies to command line option arguments.
  • If a command line option argument or other parameter contains spaces, it must also be enclosed in double quotes.

IMPORTANT: Command-line options of the newer generation of Dataton media servers, such as the WATCHPAX 60, are set through the “Edit Command Line Options” entry under the File menu.

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