Network Window

This window lists all WATCHOUT display computers found on the local network. It’s a good place to start if you’re having trouble connecting to display computers. It shows the IP number as well as any name of each display computer. If you’re using Dataton WATCHPAX media servers, its serial number will be shown here too.

Network window screen 1

Addressing by IP Number or by Name

Display computers may be addressed either by name or by IP number (see “Computer”). In most cases, addressing by name is preferable, since it allows IP numbers to be dynamically assigned, thereby reducing the need for manual configuration.

NOTE: Normally you should always use name addressing for any Dataton media servers in your system. It is possible, using a script command, to assign a fixed IP address to Dataton servers, but in most cases this is not needed.

To change the name of a display computer, double-click it in the list and enter the desired name. This name is stored in the display computer, and can subsequently be used when referring to that computer.

If you have multiple display clusters on the same network, you may also want to assign cluster names. By using cluster names, you may reuse computer names within each cluster. This is advantageous when managing a network with several identical clusters. A show can then be transferred to each cluster merely by changing the cluster name in the Preferences dialog box, rather than changing the IP address in each display used in the show.

Network window screen 2
Assigning computer and cluster names
Network window screen 3
Computer and cluster name assigned to Dataton media server with serial number 3363-10301
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