License Manager Window

This window lists the WATCHOUT software licenses found on your system, indicating the individual license number and the WATCHOUT versions for which it is valid.

By default, only license keys connected to the production computer are shown. To add licenses to this list, connect them to the production computer, then click “Scan License Keys”. Licenses connected to any remote display computers, that have one or more displays in the Stage window assigned to them, may also be included by selecting “Scan Remote Displays Too” before clicking “Scan License Keys”. This is particularly useful if you’re using Dataton media servers (where the license key can not be removed) or in a fixed installation scenario where computers may be hard to access.

The remote display computers don’t have to be online for this to work. They just need to be connected to the network and have the display software running on them. Licenses seen on your system will remain in this list until explicitly removed. To remove licenses, select them in the list and choose “Clear” on the Edit menu, or on the right-click popup menu.

License key manager window screen
Four WATCHOUT licenses, all valid for versions 5 and 6. The first one was connected locally, while the other ones were connected to display computers with IP addresses as indicated.

When a new, major version of WATCHOUT is released, licenses must be upgraded in order to be eligible for use with that version. Upgrading your licenses is a multi-step procedure:

  • Make sure all relevant licenses are shown in the License Manager window. If you’re unsure, first select all licenses and remove them by choosing “Clear” on the Edit menu, then re-scan the available licenses.
  • Click “Copy All as Text” to obtain information about all the licenses.
  • Send that information in an email, along with your order for the upgrade.
  • Once your order has been processed, copy all text in the email containing the upgrade, then paste it into the License Manager window. New licenses appear in the “Pending” column.
  • Click “Scan License Keys” to transfer the pending updates to all matching license keys or Dataton media servers seen on your system.
  • Version 5 to 6 upgrade:

Please contact your Dataton reseller for more details on how to upgrade your system and check out our Guide to updating systems.

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