Controlling the Production Software

In cases where you must keep the production software in the system for some reason, you connect to and control the production computer, which in its turn controls the display computers. One advantage of this method is that you can clearly see you commands as they occur in the production computer’s user interface, making it easier to try things out.

NOTE: Even when your goal is to control the display computers directly, it may help to start by controlling the production computer as it makes it easier to see what’s happening. Once things work as desired, remove the production computer and target the display cluster directly.

Control Options

You can control the production software only through the network. It uses IP port number 3040. Commands can be sent over either TCP or UDP. In order to accept commands on either of those ports, you must enable those options in the Preferences dialog box’s Control tab.

When using UDP, no feedback is available due to the connectionless nature of the UDP method. Hence, for most applications where reliability or feedback is important, always use the TCP method.

IMPORTANT: If you use the “load” command to load another show, make sure the desired control options are enabled in that show as well, or the connection will be closed.

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