In a WATCHOUT system, you need a minimum of two licenses. There is typically a production computer running WATCHOUT software connected to an unlimited number of display computers/media servers, all on a standard Ethernet network. 

Each display computer can drive up to six display media, such as LCD screens, projectors or LEDs, depending on hardware capabilities, and each computer in the rig requires a WATCHOUT license key. 

If you just want to test WATCHOUT without display computers connected, there is no need for license keys, just download the Windows-platform software.

Alternatively you can use our WATCHMAX or WATCHPAX (WATCHPAX 2, WATCHPAX 20 or WATCHPAX 4) media servers instead of custom display computers in your WATCHOUT system. Our media servers feature a built-in WATCHOUT license and powerful hardware, performance-optimized for WATCHOUT. 

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