Watchmax 1920X760 V2


Dataton WATCHMAX is a range of flexible and powerful WATCHOUT media servers with various configuration options. With 4K support and up to 6 channel outputs, WATCHMAX is the perfect choice for live events or fixed installations and is tuned for maximum WATCHOUT playback.

Watchmax 600X600 Rear View V2

Maximum flexibility

No installation or application is identical, and WATCHMAX media servers are designed with that in mind. They are tuned for maximum WATCHOUT performance and a minimum of hardware headaches with a locked-down operating system.

From 4 to 6 output channels and with different storage options, the WATCHMAX series is ready to take on any challenge. There is no limit to how many WATCHMAX servers you can use in your system.

The WATCHMAX series is designed with full flexibility in mind and a range of configuration options. WATCHOUT is a scalable system and an unlimited number of WATCHMAX units may be used in the same installation.

WATCHMAX 4x4K output

The WATCHMAX is offered in a 4x4K output model. A wide range of capture cards and sync cards is optional.

WATCHMAX 6x4K output

WATCHMAX is offered in a 6x4K output models.  A wide range of capture cards and sync cards is optional.


  • Media storage: 7.68TB or 3.84TB
  • PCIe audio card
  • Capture cards: 3G SDI, HDMI, DisplayPort1.2, DVI and Composite video
  • Sync card

Media Server Comparison Chart



Feature/ServerWATCHMAX 2.0 (4x4K)WATCHMAX 2.0 (6x4K)
Model/Part Number 3370B 3370C
Embedded WATCHOUT license Yes Yes
Output Channels 4 x 4K 6 x 4K
Connector Type 4 x DP 1.4 6 x miniDP 1.4
Fixed Input Channels N/A N/A
Optional Input Channels Yes, * Yes, *
Audio 3 x 3.5 mm stereo 3 x 3.5 mm stereo
NDI - Video over IP Capture Yes Yes
Storage High-Speed High-Speed
High-Speed Storage Yes, 1.9TB**  Yes, 1.9TB** 
Data Throughput (Approx Numbers) 6000 MB/s 6000 MB/s
External Sync/Genlock Optional Optional
Genlocked Outputs No No
Timecode In Yes Yes
Ethernet  1 x 1 GB 1 x 1 GB
USB 7 x USB 3.0 7 x USB 3.0
Size (WDH - mm) 460 × 430 × 175 460 × 430 × 175
Weight 16.9 kg 16.9 kg
Redundant Power Supply No No
Warranty Included 2 year 2 year

* 2 x DP1.2, 4 x HDMI 1.4, 4 x DVI 1.2, 4x 3G-SDI, or 3G SDI, DVI and Composite video 
** Upgradeable to 3.8TB or 7.6TB

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