Media server

The media server may be referred to as a video playback server or display computer. A single media server running WATCHOUT and equipped with a license key can drive up to six display devices, depending on the graphics card installed. All six displays can be configured with different resolutions. A WATCHOUT system can be scaled infinitely – you can add any number of media a servers to your system according to the number of display devices in your rig.

Dataton media server range

To get the very most out of WATCHOUT, we offer a wide range of media servers that are tuned and tweaked for optimal performance. All servers include a full WATCHOUT license.

The WATCHMAX media server provides up to six display outputs. The display devices connect using the relevant cables, such as Display-Port, DVI or HDMI. The choice of cable depends on the display device as well as the graphics output from the display computer.

Our compact WATCHPAX 2 and WATCHPAX 20 servers feature two display outputs, while the WATCHPAX 4 has four display outputs. With their small footprint, the WATCHPAX media servers are perfect for mounting close to the display, avoiding long cable runs.  

All our media servers are plug-and-play; use them straight out-of-the-box, with no further configuration or installation required.

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