It's 20 years since the first version of WATCHOUT was released and we want to celebrate! Throughout 2020, we'll be awarding shiny new WATCHOUT license keys for outstanding shows. If you have used WATCHOUT in an innovative or inspiring way, tell us about it and maybe you could be one of our lucky winners! We're accepting submissions from December 25, 2019 to December 25, 2020.


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The show must be composed in Dataton WATCHOUT and must have been presented for an audience during the last 20 years. You can send in multiple entries during the year, but only one per show.


You will be asked to fill in the following info on the entry form: show date, brief overview of the show (100 words), description of the setup, show credits (client, producer, operator), and, of course, why it should win a WATCHOUT license key. We require at least 3 high quality images and, preferably, a link to downloadable footage on YouTube or Vimeo. You should have the rights to any info, images or footage that you supply!


What happens next? You should hear back from us within 4 weeks. If you are one of our lucky winners, we’ll ship you a WATCHOUT license key and a diploma. We will also present your show at trade shows, on and our social media!


Lars Sandlund


I love seeing how people react when they see an outstanding WATCHOUT show, whether it’s at a huge outdoor event or in a museum exhibition. I’ll be rooting for the shows that moved the audience and stuck in their minds.

James F Kellner

Product Specialist, DATATON

The WATCHOUT production software is a powerful creative tool and effective use of this tool is what sets apart impactful WATCHOUT presentations. I'll be looking for shows that explore these creative features.

Jacquie McHale


I'm hoping to see WATCHOUT productions that make the most of the show space itself. Architectural projections, mapping, dome shows, interesting screen layouts and all with fantastic content!

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