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All around the world, people are creating amazing events and rich visual experiences with Dataton WATCHOUT. At Dataton, we strongly believe in the value of education. That’s why we offer teachers, students, schools and universities worldwide a range of valuable assets under the umbrella of the Dataton Academy Educational Community: discounted software and hardware, user communities, curriculum content and access to a global network of peers. Our goal is to help students everywhere develop their creative visualization skills and prepare for future careers in our fast-moving industry.

By becoming a part of the Dataton Academy Educational Community, you can access and master the same multi-display software that is used by creative directors, event operators, designers and artistic masterminds worldwide.

Why choose Dataton WATCHOUT?

We have a strong cooperation with several schools and universities globally where students learn about content creation, live show management and planning, projection-mapping, as well as how to create engaging and interactive visualization. We not only provide software and media servers, but also training curriculum, community help and support.  

WATCHOUT has an unrivalled installation base and is widely acknowledged in the industry for its easy-to-use interface, versatility and reliability. There is constant demand for WATCHOUT operators in projects worldwide. We help provide students with the skills needed to use and operate a software that helps them realize their creative potential.


All around the world, people are creating inspirational audiovisual experiences, live events and mesmerising installations with WATCHOUT. See our case studies or user stories to get inspired to create your own. 





Benefits with Dataton Educational Community

For students

Develop your creative visualization skills to prepare for your career – and get full Dataton Academy Certification to top off your academic degree! With the Dataton Educational Community for Students, you connect with students around the world; you can help and be helped; you can inspire and be inspired.

For educators

We offer a global network of peers, and a community where teachers and educators can share and discuss the creation of educational content with curricular goals. In addition, we have a training team who will help support individual educators with academic instruction, projects, lesson plans, tasks and certification requirements. 

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For teaching institutions - schools & universities

Help equip your students with the skills they need to create inspirational audiovisual experiences, run amazing live events and prepare for their future careers in the visualization industry. Our WATCHOUT system is in use every day, all around the world. 

Buying for an entire institution? If you are registering or buying for an entire institution, we have a special Educational Enterprise program. Contact us for details on [email protected] or read about our Educational Licensing program

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