Dynamic Images

The WATCHOUT Dynamic Image Server allows you to incorporate dynamic data into your presentation, such as:

  • Still images that can be updated live by simply dropping a new image into a folder.
  • Graphs obtained from databases or other sources.
  • Up-to-the-minute news, available from online providers such as CNN.
  • Live stock quotes.
  • Desktop capture.

To use dynamic content in your presentation:

  • Make sure the WATCHOUT Dynamic Image Server is running on a computer accessible from your display computers via the network.
  • Provide content for the image server in the form of still images, HTML web pages or Flash (SWF) files, or by allowing the Dynamic Image Server to obtain such content from the Internet (may require additional network setup and configuration)
  • Choose “Add Dynamic Image” on the Media menu to add the corresponding media item to your presentation (see “Add Dynamic Image”).
  • Drag the media item onto the Stage or Timeline to make it appear on screen.

Please refer to the chapter titled “Dynamic Images” for more details on how to use this feature.

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