Other Issues

This section lists some other issues known to cause problems from time to time. The WATCHOUT forum also contains some details on configuring WATCHOUT as well as general troubleshooting:


Video Playback

Some DVD player programs – often included with graphics cards or DVD drives – may interfere with the ability of WATCHOUT to play back video content (including some related audio formats). To solve this problem, uninstall the DVD player application and all its components.

Sound Playback

You need to install the proper software driver for your sound interface. The driver received with your computer, operating system or sound card is usually sufficient, but you should check the sound card manufacturer’s web site to make sure you have the latest driver version installed – particularly if you’re experiencing problems relating to sound playback.

When installing or updating sound card driver software, avoid installing other associated software. Additional software is often provided that will run as background applications. You may have to check for and remove such software after installing/upgrading sound card drivers.

Defect Drivers

Performance and reliability problems may be caused by defect software drivers. Such problems can be hard to diag­nose. More often than not, it’s easier to start from scratch by re-formatting the hard disk and re-installing Windows and required device drivers only.

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