Display Devices

WATCHOUT can be used with any display technologies, such as projectors, LCD screens and LED wall processors. Generally speaking, you can use any display device that’s compatible with the display card in the display computer (media server). You can connect up to six display devices per display computer, depending on your computer’s graphics configuration and other hardware capabilities. All displays must be connected to the same graphics card.

In addition, model C of Dataton’s own media server, WATCHPAX 60, has an additional eight outputs through SDI.

To configure the graphics card settings of Dataton WATCHPAX media servers press Ctrl-W and select “GPU Settings” from the File menu. For non-Dataton display computers, please see “Display Properties” later in this chapter.

It is also possible to open the configuration panel for the capture card(s) installed in certain Dataton media servers. To do so, press Ctrl-W and select “Capture Settings” from the File menu.

Command-line options of newer generation of Dataton media servers, for example WATCHPAX 60, may be set through the “Edit Command Line Options” entry under the File menu.

Dataton WATCHPOINT screen
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