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Turnkey solution transforms meeting room experience

Welcome to the value-added office! The Experience Room at DLL in Stockholm is not just designed for smooth onboarding, impressive presentations, BYOD meetings and work space, but also to inspire creativity and provide a welcome break in the midst of nature.

Creative space for corporate life

The turnkey “Experience Room” solution has been developed by Stockholm-based Springpixel who market it as a creative space for brainstorming, meetings and work -- with the tech seamlessly incorporated into the room. “The idea is that it should be a place where people can go in and get away from everyday corporate life, that you can gain a different experience and feeling with the opportunity to be able to change your mindset and be more creative," says Jan Elmersson at Springpixel. “Obviously that’s made possible by a carefully designed technical solution based on our knowledge and background as AV providers.”

All change at the touch of a button

The concept includes a Dataton WATCHOUT multi-display system with a WATCHPAX 40 media server for playback, four Epson ultra-short throw projectors on three walls, Genelec 5-8 channel sound and Neets room control. There are around 15-20 pre-programmed environments including a forest with rustling leaves, underwater scenery, alpine backdrop, outer space and various meeting scenarios, with powerful transitions between environments. A tablet with an intuitive, branded user interface gives the customer instant command of the room, letting them choose between the different pre-set environments, switch to presentations and control sound and light. The built-in conferencing solution brings the same environments in the background.

“It's really easy to use the experience room. You just go into the room and start it with the tablet, the curtains are drawn and you choose what environment and mood you want to be in for today's meeting,” says Victoria Geiborg at DLL Nordics. “The experience room has really given the office a boost. We really believe that it will attract people to the office in the future. We know that digital meetings are good in many ways, but they can not replace real experiences.”

No windows? No problem

Springpixel has already rolled out a second experience room at DLL in Eindhoven and sees multiple applications for the all-in-one concept. For this project, Springpixel added a bespoke control system developed in Zendeo which makes it easier for people to interact with the room and engage more fully in the experience.

"The concept can be implemented in everywhere from meeting areas, receptions or showrooms at companies, to lounges and hotels, museums, shops, you name it," adds Jan Elmersson. "Another interesting area of ​​use is for rooms that are lacking windows and therefore might not be being used optimally today. The technology means you can reach the full potential of such a room and create a whole new experience.”

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