All WATCHOUT windows reside inside a desktop window, with a menu bar running along its top. You can resize the desktop window by dragging any of its outer borders or corners. Minimize or maximize it using the buttons in the upper right corner. Clicking the close box is equivalent to choosing Quit on the File menu.

Move a WATCHOUT window by dragging its title bar. Resize a window by dragging any of its corners or outer borders.

Software overview
Navigating WATCHOUT: The Stage window shows the display areas and a presentation preview. The Media window lists all media used. The Main Timeline window shows layers, cues and tween tracks. Other windows are described later in this chapter.

Opening Windows

Many windows are opened through the Window menu. In other words, if you accidentally close a window, look here to re-open it. To open an Auxiliary Timeline window, double-click its task in the Task window.

Window Layouts

Window layouts can be saved and loaded in the Layout submenu of the Window menu. To save a layout, just select a preset under the “Save Preset” submenu, or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+<n>, where <n> is the number of the preset.

To load a layout, select the corresponding preset under the “Load Preset” submenu, or hit Alt+<n>.

The layout can also be reset to the default layout (as seen when creating a new show), by selecting “Reset” in the Layout menu.

Loading a preset window layout screen
Loading a preset window layout
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