Serving Still Images

A still image provided through the Image Server can be changed at any time. To update an image on the server, simply drop a new image file into the folder containing the old one, using the same name as the old image. When an image is replaced on the server, the new image will appear on all displays currently showing it. The default refresh interval is 3 seconds but you can customize the interval by using the parameter below.

“C:\WATCHOUT\ImageServer\ImageServer.exe” -fileRefreshInterval 1000

Values are expressed in milliseconds; the example thus shows a 1 second interval. :

You can provide the updated image in any way you like. For instance, you may run a web server on the same computer, configured to allow files to be uploaded. This web server can provide a web interface for manual uploading of images, or interact with camera phones via the Internet.

Alternatively, you may have a custom application that updates the image on a regular basis, based on some external data or other events. This application can run on the same computer as the WATCHOUT Dynamic Image Server, or another computer connected over the network. From the Image Server’s point of view it doesn’t matter where the image comes from. As soon as it is changed, it will be updated on screen accordingly.

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