Hardware Synchronization

While WATCHOUT’s software-based synchronization across multiple display computers is generally sufficient, there are some cases when frame-accurate synchronization of display refresh cycles is required. An example is when using multiple display outputs or computers to drive a single LED wall. Since there are no edge-blend areas or display edges to cover up any minor discrepancies in this case, even minute differences in synchronization are readily apparent.

To eliminate tearing between the outputs of multiple display servers, all outputs must be locked to a common synchronization source. This can be accomplished by using workstation graphics cards in conjunction with synchronization cards. SDI outputs can be locked to external synchronization sources using the functionality of SDI-enabled Dataton media servers, together with the appropriate setting in WATCHOUT.

Examples of hardware-assisted synchronization solutions include:

  • NVIDIA Quadro G-Sync II, when used in conjunction with select NVIDIA Quadro graphics cards.
  • ATI FirePro S400 Synchronization Module, when used in conjunction with select AMD FirePro graphics cards.
  • WATCHPAX 60 (model C) with synchronized SDI outputs.
NOTE: When using AMD graphics, you need the synchronization module to accomplish frame accurate synchronization even within a single graphics card. This is generally not the case when used with NVIDIA graphics.

For more details on hardware synchronization, see “Use as Synchronization Chain Source”.

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