Thank you for downloading a legacy WATCHOUT version!

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There are many reasons to upgrade to WATCHOUT 6. 
Should you consider upgrading?

WATCHOUT 6 offers a vast number of new features and improvements compared to legacy versions of WATCHOUT. Here’s a selection: 

  • 3D projection mapping features
  • Redesigned user interface
  • Live edit
  • Streamlined show editing
  • Improved video playback and codec support
    • HAP, HAP Alpha, HAP Q high performance codecs
    • Apple ProRes native codec
    • V210 uncompressed video
    • Uncompressed Image Sequences
  • Virtual displays (especially practical with LED walls)
  • Pre-visualization
  • Improved blending and geometry correction
  • Support of different output resolutions
  • Support for Real-Time Tracking Protocol 
  • Automatic camera-calibration through 3rd party tools

You can find more information about these features on the web.

Where can you upgrade?

You can upgrade your license by contacting your local premium partner or order an upgrade through our online shop.

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