The pioneering Norrköping Decision Arena aims to facilitate smart decision-making based on multiple information sources. The dominant feature of the circular conference room is a 360° presentation surface for live video, graphics, statistics, maps and web-based input. Up to ten participants can plug in their own devices and display content on the screen. Nine projectors, running under Dataton's WATCHOUT multi-display software, create the seamless, high resolution image that fills the room.

The seamless user interface for participants is courtesy of a WATCHNET system, Dataton's network-based custom manager. Accessed on tabletop iPads, WATCHNET gives participants instant and easy control over how and where content is presented on the wraparound screen. That makes it easy to juxtapose, highlight and add information sources relevant to subject, speeding up the decision-making process.

WATCHNET's control scope and panel interface were designed in-house. As one of the purposes of the arena is to provide decision-making support in different catastrophe scenarios, the WATCHNET control panel was deliberately kept simple to ensure that even occasional visitors to the arena can quickly get up and running with their content on screen.

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