Show breathes new life into iconic Amalfi villa

During September and October, Ravello’s Villa Rufolo, located in Ravello on the splendid Amalfi coast, comes to life thanks to an exciting mixed media installation by Laser Entertainment, Milan. It's the fourth time the historic villa has played host to the popular show with its dramatic lighting, lasers, and, not least, 3D video mapping courtesy of Dataton WATCHOUT. 

Villa Rufolo is a true pearl of the Amalfi coast, with a history spanning over one thousand years. And it's a history that deserves to be told to the many visitors who visit every year from all over the world. The host in the multimedia installation is an animated "ghost" of Lorenzo Rufolo who provides visitors with an insight into over 1000 years of the villa’s history. He regales visitors with stories of all the famous people who have passed through the villa, from Wagner to Reid; Boccaccio to Escher. 

This fourth edition of the event follows a major restoration project, which has seen the Torre Maggiore and the south façades returned to their original glory. Laser Entertainment were commissioned to take care of the entire show production - from design to installation, including the creation of original video content.

"This year, following the recent renovations of the southern facades of the Villa, we have designed and devised a new framework and updated the various previous chapters, with an installation even richer in technical quality and even more evocative than its predecessors," says Alberto Kellner Ongaro from Laser Entertainment.

"This is a rather complex project that involves 3D video mapping, holo3d, lasers, lights, illuminated fountains and special effects - all synchronised by timecode in order to tell the history of the Villa and enhance its marvellous architecture" adds Alberto.

Inside and outside the location, specially created "paintings" have been projected, containing content created by the Laser Entertainment team. These images are projected with different transparency gradients, in order to create a stunning hologram effect. This effect forms the creation of landlord Lorenzo Rufolo, who accompanies visitors during their trip.

For the technical management of content, a Dataton WATCHOUT system was provided, which distributes SMPTE time code to an MA Lighting console for lighting control, alongside a Pangolin Beyond Ultimate system dedicated to laser effects. The show also includes water fountains, which synchronise with the rest of the show.

The choice of fixtures used for the projection was of paramount importance, with the required projectors needing to be capable of both powerful output and accurate color reproduction. Proven reliability was also essential, given that the installation is active for at least two months, not to mention subsequent extensions - until 3rd November if weather permits.

“We used Christie J 3DLP series projectors with 20,000 ansi lumens, NEC 1DLPs with 8000 and 5000 ansi lumens and the BENQ 1DLP with 6000 ansi lumens. These are top-quality machines with guaranteed reliability.”

Optical fiber was chosen for the distribution of the signals, which included the distribution of the time code. A multi-language Sennheiser audio guide system ensures overseas visitors are also able to follow the narrative.

"As a landlord, I am proud to have hosted you" Lorenzo Rulfo informs guests, as his hologram personally thanks his visitors at the end of a fantastic journey.


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