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Mask Singer, Spain

Mask Singer: Adivina quién canta is the Spanish version of "King of Mask Singer", an international music game show franchise. The show features celebrities performing anonymously wearing full costume, only to be unmasked if they receive fewest votes. The first season of the competition is being shown on one of the country's most popular channels, Antena 3, with a second season already scheduled. 

The exciting set for the Spanish version features two giant projection-mapped masks, a fully LED catwalk-like stage (2160 x 2100 pixels), a large central LED backdrop (4368 x 1512 pixels) and LED ribbons (203 panels!) around the studio. For each performance in the show, dazzling new custom content is created for all elements, transforming the atmosphere in an instant. Mapping and content playback is with Dataton WATCHOUT.

The studio set-up two WATCHOUT servers – one main and one backup – to drive the LED content and two Panasonic PT-RZ31K projectors for the giant masks.

"The team has a huge amount of experience with WATCHOUT from many projects over the years so find it comfortable and fast when loading content and adjusting it on the set," says Lluís Badosa, inWO, the Dataton partner in Spain. "Two WATCHOUT features in particular – Virtual Display and 3D Mapping Projector – really help make life easier in this kind of setup."

Video by Romera Diseño e Infografia

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