Around the earth with WATCHOUT

The recently re-opened Columbus Earth Theater and Discovery Center Continium at Museumplein (Museum Square) Limburg, Netherlands, take an innovative look at the relationship between humans and their environment. Dutch attractions specialist, Lagotronics Projects were commissioned to create the breathtaking audiovisual experiences at the venues.

Columbus Earth Theater

The Columbus Earth Theater boasts a dazzling 360-degree show, combined with floor projection for a unique view of the world. Visitors have a real bird's-eye perspective, looking down on the earth from two separate rings placed at high altitude. Lagotronics Projects chose a Dataton WATCHOUT multi-display system to handle the edge-blending and geometry correction for the nine-projector rig and its huge display areas. The floor projection spans 18 meters in diameter and employs two high-end Barco 4K projectors with 35,000 lumens. The 360-degree, six-meter high wall projection calls for seven Barco projectors with 14,000 lumens. The seamless images created with WATCHOUT, teamed with a high-end seven-channel audio system, form the core of this immersive – and educational – experience.

Time Warp Theater,  Continuum Discovery Center

The Time Warp Theater at Continium Discovery Center starts with the Big Bang and ends with visions of the future. In this 360-degree projection, the amazing discoveries and inventions that shape our world take flight. Visitors 'warp' back to the present, ready for their journey through Continium.

In an extensive upgrade of the Time Warp ride's existing audiovisual equipment, a WATCHOUT system and nine new projectors were installed by Lagotronics Projects. The WATCHOUT system controls visuals in the 360-degree wall projection which measures over 13 meters in diameter. The theater features a surround sound seven-channel audio system, and presentations can also be shown on a section of the 360-degree display area.

Lagotronics Projects was founded in 1979 and pioneers state-of-the-art, customized solutions for the attractions industry. The company has its own game developemnt team and broad expertise in interactive systems, audio, video, and lighting solutions. 

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