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You can download, install and run WATCHOUT (see release notes) on a production computer for free – without a license.
Current version: 6.7.3 released March 25, 2024

  • To get the software, simply complete and submit the form below.
  • Note: Make sure you enter a valid email address in the form. You will receive an email from Dataton with a link to the download.
  • If you want to connect a media server and start using one or more displays, you need to buy a license for both the production computer and the media server (Dataton's own-brand media servers have the license built-in).

WATCHOUT is Windows-based software and not available on Mac.

WATCHPAX 60C: Image update necessary to access SDI playout. See release notes for version 6.7.2 for more info.
Read the 6.7.- release notes carefully before you update older WATCHPAX media servers.

Click here to download older versions of WATCHOUT.


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