Released June 15, 2022

This release contains improvements and fixes regarding use with WATCHPAX 40 media servers.

    Award-winning WATCHOUT multi-display production and playback software orchestrates still images, animations, graphics, video, sound and live feeds into a single impressive show across multiple display areas, edge-blended or in any array. 

    A WATCHOUT rig consists of a production computer running WATCHOUT software connected to an unlimited number of media servers and display devices on a network. A physical WATCHOUT license key is required for the production computer and for each media server. Dataton’s own media servers (WATCHPAX and WATCHMAX series) feature a built-in WATCHOUT license key.


    • Upgrade your physical WATCHOUT license keys and WATCHPAX units before installing version 6 production software, see HOW TO UPGRADE LICENSE KEYS
    • Read the 6.7 release notes carefully before updating first-generation WATCHPAX media servers.


    WATCHNET 1.4

    Released May 10, 2017

    WATCHNET is powerful, multi-tasking server software for customized control, scheduling and managing of Dataton WATCHOUT multi-display shows. 

    WATCHNET provides interactive control of Dataton WATCHOUT and other devices from an unlimitednumber of devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android tablets/phones and Windows Surface or throughany Mac/Windows laptop/desktop computer. When the WATCHNET server is in use on a network, it requires a WATCHOUT license key for operation.




    WATCHOUT was introduced to the market in 2000. If you have a license for an older version of WATCHOUT and require legacy software, follow the link to select and download. If you can't find the version you want, please contact [email protected].

    Release notes for WATCHOUT 5.5.2 (latest version 5) can be downloaded here. 


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