Digital Academy: Be prepared!

Please check that you have the following set up and ready in good time before the training session and that you have completed the first e-learning module.

Please note that it is not permitted to record the online seminars and that access to the e-learning platform is for registered attendees only!


  • You need a computer preferably running Windows 7 or Windows 10. Alternatively you can use a Mac with Boot Camp already installed and running Windows 7 or Windows 10.
  • We suggest that you use one PC with two screens. You can then follow the seminars on one screen and have WATCHOUT open on the other screen. Note: There may be occasions during exercises when you need to share the WATCHOUT desktop with the trainer.
  • Check that you have a reliable internet connection.
  • Check that your computer audio and microphone are in working order as you will be expected to take an active part in discussions during the online seminar!
  • A mouse can be handy for the hands-on exercises during home assignments.


  • Make sure you have the latest version of WATCHOUT installed and working on your computer. The latest version is available here.
  • For the seminars, you will need the relevant video conferencing platform installed and ready to run (usually Zoom or Discord).
  • Note: The link to the first session is emailed to you separately with the subject line: “Dataton Digital Academy: E-learning access, Zoom link, checklist”
  • Please download the course material from the DropBox folder (see link in email titled: “Dataton Digital Academy: E-learning access, Zoom link, checklist”).


  • Before the first online seminar, please log into the e-learning platform at the link below and complete course 1: “What is WATCHOUT?”
  • Click here for a link to course 1
  • You log in to the platform using the same contact details and email address as you used when signing up for the academy.

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