WATCHPAX 40 Recovery Update Guide

This guide describes how to do a full re-image of Dataton WATCHPAX 40 media servers. A full re-image may be necessary if the unit has been corrupted.

NOTE: Please contact Dataton or your local Dataton partner to obtain the hardware image (ISO-file).

Recovery from USB drive

WATCHPAX 40 media servers contain two physical storage drives: a smaller SSD for hosting recovery images and a large, fast SSD for hosting the operating system and WATCHOUT media.

Steps 1 and 2 explain how to create a USB flash drive with the latest image and then update the smaller built-in recovery storage drive on the media server.

When this procedure is completed, you need to use the hidden boot menu to perform a reset to factory settings (Step 3).

Watchpax4 Front Left 500X250

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