Image Sequences

As an alternative to video file playback, WATCHOUT is also capable of playing image sequences. This is conceptually similar to video file playback, but instead of storing the entire video in single file, each frame of the video is stored as a separate, numbered file. All the frames making up the video are then stored together in a folder.

For image sequences, WATCHOUT supports:

  • Uncompressed 8-bit RGB/RGBA Tiff
  • Uncompressed 8-bit BGR/BGRA TGA
  • The TGA (without run-length encoding compression) files yields best playback performance.

Since a sequence of TIFF images is essentially a large number of uncompressed video frames, a very fast storage subsystem is required. This can be accomplished either using a number of SSDs in a RAID configuration, or using the increasingly popular PCIe-based SSD storage solutions.

For more details on using image sequences, see “Add Proxy”.

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