Production Software

The WATCHOUT production software accepts the following command line options.


Specify a localized version of the user interface. Normally, the language selection is performed automatically, according to the preferred language of the operating system. For instance, if you’re running a Chinese version of Windows, WATCHOUT will be displayed in Chinese. In some cases, this is not desired. For instance, you may want to run the user interface in a localized language even if the computer is running in English. To force WATCHOUT to run in Chinese, for example, add this command line option when starting the production software

-Lang zh

Follow the option with a space and two letter language code, as shown above. The following language codes are recognized:

  • en English.
  • es Spanish.
  • it Italian.
  • ja Japanese.
  • ru Russian.
  • tr Turkish.
  • zh Chinese.
NOTE: If a recent command or text is not available in the chosen language, it will be presented in English instead.


It is possible to use a central license key rather than individual license keys for each computer in a WATCHOUT installation. In this case, the display computers will find the site license server on the network automatically. However, if you also want to use the site license for a production computer, you need to specify the IP number of the license server using this command line option, like this:


In this example, “” is the IP number of the site license server.

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