Tracking and RTTrPM

RTTrPM (Real Time Tracking Protocol - Motion) is supported from WATCHOUT 6.3 and  makes it easier than ever to use tracking systems such as BlackTrax with WATCHOUT. 

What is Real Time Tracking Protocol (RTTrP)?

Real Time Tracking Protocol - Motion (RTTrPM) is a protocol developed to transmit tracked motion information between systems, such as media servers. The protocol streams data such as position and orientation of a tracking point, relative to the origin of the coordinate system defined by the user.

How does it work? 

WATCHOUT receives positional data through a network, which is then applied to the media (within WATCHOUT) and mapped on to moving objects. This happens in real-time and with low latency, allowing live mapping on complex and moving objects. 

WATCHOUT has implemented the full RTTrPM protocol, and receives the following data: Trackable, Trackable with Timestamp, Centroid Position, Centroid Acceleration and Velocity, Tracked Point Acceleration and Velocity and Orientation (Euler). The data format is big-endian (floating points and integers) and stage coordinate system (Y is depth).

BlackTrax support in WATCHOUT

BlackTrax, developed by Cast Group, is a vision-based tracking system that allows the WATCHOUT media server to receive positional data in 3D (X,Y,Z) and 6D rotation (yaw, pitch, roll). 

The BlackTrax system uses tiny infrared LEDs (beacons) that pulse their position to motion capture cameras. Each beacon has an unique ID and can be tracked individually. The proprietary infrared cameras are set up so that they surround the tracking space in order to capture the motion of the beacons.

Award-winning demonstration

Dataton's demo of motion tracking was the proud recipient of the "Best Concept Product" award in the overall winners category in the rAVe 2018 Best of ISE Awards. The low-latency, eye-catching presentation struck a chord with visitors and the rAVe team alike! View a short video from the event here: Dataton demo at ISE 2018

Check out the workflow in the presentation below!

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