WATCHOUT minimum system configuration

An operational WATCHOUT system always requires at least two licenses: one for the production computer and one for the media server. Dataton WATCHPAX media servers have a built-in license. 

You can download and use the WATCHOUT production software for free on its own for practice*, but you won’t be able to appreciate the full power of WATCHOUT until you start connecting media servers or display computers.

The basic system consists of:

  • The production computer, equipped with a license key and running WATCHOUT production software
  • Network, connecting the two computers together via a hub or switch
  • The media server, equipped with a license key and running WATCHOUT display software
  • Display device, for example, a monitor or a projector.

* The production software can be used on its own without a license key, but you always need a license key to use the display software. 

WATCHOUT is a Microsoft WINDOWS based system. 

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