Edge blending and geometry correction

Create one seamless, flawless image with multiple projectors using WATCHOUT's edge-blend and geometry correction tools. WATCHOUT means no banding and no delay – just one big, perfectly-blended display. 

Typical applications for multi-projector, edge-blended images include video walls, largescale informational displays, signage, corporate events with wide, curved or flat screens, dome projections, planetariums, architectural and theatrical projection design. 

Edge blending

WATCHOUT can apply an automatic edge-blend to overlapping projection areas. To enhance the result, you can also make use of the masking features in WATCHOUT. There are several options:

  • Left, Right, Top, Bottom. Adds a mask along the specified edge.
  • Rectangle. Adds a rectangular mask, with a feathered edge along all four sides.
  • Oval. Adds an oval mask, with a feathered edge all around.

You can add an infinite number of masks – scaled, rotated and with individual adjustment gradients – and copy them between displays.

Geometry correction

Geometry correction, also called image warping, is the process of adjusting the output of a projector to match a specific surface or shape. The simplest form is keystone correction, designed to compensate for the image distortion apparent when a projector is not placed square to the projection surface.

WATCHOUT offers a range of tools to handle different levels of geometry correction:

  • Perspective. Individual corner adjustment to correct keystoning, for example.
  • Horizontal/Vertical. Bezier handles on corners for maximum flexibility when projecting on a curved surface.
  • Full Correction. Individually adjustable control points on the entire surface – great when you're projecting on asymmetric or uneven surfaces.
  • Import. This imports files generated by external calibration systems. From version 6.2, WATCHOUT supports the import of geometry correction mesh, blend mask, 2D display and 3D projector display data from DomeProjection systems,

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