Camera-based projection auto-alignment

The new feature supporting camera-based auto alignment makes use of® ProjectionTools.

What is camera based auto-alignment?

Camera-based automatic projection alignment empowers integrators, show operators as well as end-users to fully align and calibrate any number of projection channels in domes, complex projection surfaces, flat or curved surfaces in a cost-efficient way.

What are the benefits of auto-alignment?

Using camera-based automated projection alignment in WATCHOUT has several benefits. One of the biggest is that the resulting geometric correction is more accurate and preserves linearity much better than calibration by human eye. 

Additional benefits:

  • Reduced requirements for training
  • Reduced maintenance cost
  • Always a high quality, seamless image

How many cameras do you need?

You need to add as many cameras as needed to make sure the cameras will cover the entire projection surface. In some installations, you will only require one camera, while in others you will require several.

What is the auto-alignment workflow in WATCHOUT?

With the introduction of WATCHOUT 6.2, the workflow for auto-alignment is improved, and it is possible to import auto-alignment display data from


  • 2D display and 3D projector import
  • Geometry correction mesh import
  • Blend mask import

When the auto-alignment process is completed in ProjectionTools, the files are saved to a location for import into WATCHOUT. When a new set of calibration files are made available, WATCHOUT will automatically update its display, blend and geometry settings – ensuring a perfectly aligned and blended image.

It is possible to trigger the recalibration procedure in the ProjectionTools from WATCHOUT, providing full control over the installation - assuming you have markers and camera(s) installed in the same position as during installation. 

What is® ProjectionTools?

The text is taken from December 5th 2017: 

“® ProjectionTools is the most versatile automatic display / projection calibration system on the market for the calibration of arbitrary screen shapes and unlimited projection channels. It is scalable from portable, easy-to-use single camera systems for screens, which can be captured by one camera (also supports fisheye lens), up to high-end fixed installations requiring multicamera calibration. No matter which ProjectionTools system you use, it will always facilitate all workflows around the projection system – as opposed to competitive products – by offering no limitation in projector channels, projection resolution (including 4K/ ch.), screen shapes. ProjectionTools will enable you to use any warp and blend solution, IG or media server of your choice.

Due to our longtime experience with highly complex projection environments and extreme quality requirements, our ProjectionTools have become the system of choice worldwide for visual display systems for ship, driving and flight simulators installed for renowned clients. Media installations for EXPO, in planetariums, museums or galleries also belong to our references.”

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