WATCHOUT Release Notes - Version 7

Dataton WATCHOUT version 7.3.1

Release July 11, 2024


  • Shows made in version 7.2 and containing capture cues now import correctly
  • Resolved an issue in version 7.3 where the Producer could crash if you deleted a directory of a watched file
  • Replacing looping media with drag-and-drop now works as expected


  • You can now toggle the renderer’s splash screen on/off from within the Node Properties window
  • Your position in Stage is now remembered when re-opening
  • Scaling cues in Stage now maintains proportions (unless you hold down Shift)

Dataton WATCHOUT version 7.3

Release July 5, 2024


  • Support for importing EDID files into the Asset Manager and setting/clearing EDID files on individual displays. Note: only works on Nvidia Quadro based GPUs
  • Keying layer (replaces “Masked by Layer Above” in WATCHOUT 6)
  • Display mask editor available for any display output
  • Copy and paste of warp meshes
  • Indicator shows if a timeline is externally synchronized to LTC
  • Keyboard shortcuts for swapping between different layouts
  • Option to use higher quality mode for rendering
  • Monitor asset progress in Producer Asset window
  • You now get a warning if there are assets in the show which are not in the Asset Manager
  • Now possible to see which assets are cached locally and available on a node


  • Timeline and cue IDs are now shown in Producer
  • Multiple Producer instances can now run on the same machine
  • Improved scroll and zooming in Projector mode
  • Feedback report includes data about network topology
  • Icon added to indicate that Stage is in composition mode
  • Audio busses can now be deleted
  • Improved snapping of Canvas displays
  • You can now choose to use full or limited mode on Capture sources
  • Control Interface API has added functionality
  • New workflow for Capture sources
  • New icon for Virtual Displays in Device window
  • Info and warning messages are now added in the Producer log
  • Producer now remembers asset folders open/closed state
  • When uninstalling there is now an option to remove all settings files
  • NDI version 6 supported
  • Updated MainConcept codecs to version 15


  • Now possible to upload folders to remote Asset server
  • Improved performance with large 3D models
  • Possible to edit tween points of a Position effect in 3D views (First Person/Projector)
  • Soft-edge allowed on disabled devices
  • Text no longer truncated in Producer
  • Inactive windows are no longer shown at startup
  • Masks now recognise tiers
  • Secondary mouse wheel now works in timeline editing
  • Disabled Wibu popups if key is removed
  • Fix for cases where the removed asset remained selected
  • Width/height on capture source changes now updates correctly
  • Fix for bad delimiter handling of legacy protocol (fast \r\n now works)
  • Memory leak in LTC Bridge resolved
  • Resolved cases where time synchronization could be slow
  • Fix for virtual displays on AMD GPUs
  • Resolved issue where assets stopped downloading after a failure
  • Workaround for issue with replacing video asset with a composition
  • Improved hardware synchronization

Known limitations

  • Hardware synchronization only works for ONE display per server
  • As a general workaround, if you experience sync issues, use NVIDIA® MosaicÔ to group displays
  • Compositions currently do not work on Keying-layers
  • Gaussian blur currently does not work on Compositions

Dataton WATCHOUT version 7.2.2

Release May 24, 2024

Improvements and fixes

3D Models:

  • Significantly better performance when working with larger 3D models
  • It is now possible to delete sub-meshes directly in the Stage window
  • The Remove Texture button in Cue Properties/Surface is enabled


  • WATCHOUT now limits the range when using YcbCr color spaces on NVIDIA cards
  • Setting the output bit-depth in Device Properties works as expected in newer Windows versions
  • The issue with NotchLC content in portrait mode (listed in 7.2 release notes) has been resolved

Dataton WATCHOUT version 7.2

Release May 20, 2024

This release includes new functions related to Art-Net (DMX) usage and chroma key, improves HEVC and Notch LC playback, and adds a Stage Properties window.


  • Chroma key feature in Cue Properties
  • Art-Net playout cues
  • Art-Net recoding playout
  • Stage Properties window
  • New desktop icons


  • HEVC playback improvements (especially on slower hardware)
  • Improved Notch LC playback
  • Fade option applies to both opacity and volume effects now
  • Hardware acceleration checkbox (HW Acceleration) for 10-bit HEVC is now shown
  • NDI capture plays from the cue start
  • Warning for Dante conflicts when changing network ports
  • Error message now appears if trying to use a Renderer without license
  • New asset filter to show assets that have failed to import
  • The Asset Manager no longer automatically clears asset databases containing bad content
  • OSC input supports integer variables
  • The Art-Net input format has been changed to support greater than 8-bit resolution
  • Crossfading is more visible and easier to spot on the selected cues
  • Desktop position is now stored in user settings
  • Enable/disable is now at the top of the Device Properties window in the General panel and now works on all selected devices
  • Improved log messages
  • Only relevant effects for a selected cue type are shown
  • Pixel usage is shown as a percentage in the activity monitor
  • Position tween now also visible in First Person view
  • Possible to connect to remote director/Open Show from Remote Director
  • Discovery now also works on a system without a network connection
  • Removed the option to clear the currently running Director of its show
  • Stage scale, zoom level and timeline position are now stored in user settings
  • Warp point dragging has been improved
  • You now get a warning when overwriting a show that is already loaded in the Director
  • Audio gain is now 100% for cue inputs (previously 50%)
  • CodeMeter is installed by default
  • Firewall rules now apply to all network connections
  • Master Volume is now 50% (previously 100%)
  • Some Microsoft libraries have been removed from the installer to reduce installer size**
  • Log shows expanded information on communication issues between nodes
  • When a Manager runs without participating actively in a show, all logs will be stored on file


  • Working directory is now correct in node settings
  • Audio looping now works as expected
  • Tween points for rotation can now go beyond +/- 180°
  • Asset import now works even if there is no asset import directory set up
  • Fixed reconnection issues which occurred when part of the system had been offline
  • Dragging timelines and folders within the Timeline window now works correctly
  • Applying tweens on a composition now works as expected
  • Jerkiness issues with Capture have been resolved
  • Blur on HEVC now works
  • 3D projector lens ratio with extreme values are now limited
  • Issue with accidental projector moves when exiting projector mode has been resolved
  • Fixed issue where log files filled up rapidly with “connectionkey”
  • Fixed an audio render memory leak
  • Stage scale issue fixed
  • Dragging in Stage window now works as expected

Known issues/limitations

  • Downgrading the 7.2 show to lower versions may cause all assets to be removed from Asset Manager. Please remember to always make a backup copy of your show.
  • Sync between GPU channels does not work on all Windows versions and GPU drivers.
  • NotchLC content in portrait mode (where height exceeds width) can appear distorted.

** You must install them directly from Microsoft, if you have a special version of Windows)

Dataton WATCHOUT version 7.1.2

Release March 25, 2024

This release headlines with a major increase in the number of pixels supported per computer, now 8 x DCI 4K. Version 7.1.2 adds a host of other improvements, especially in feedback (error messages, reports and confirmations), user interface (sliders, info presentation) and show size. 


  • Increased number of pixels allowed per computer. Pixel limitation is now 8 x DCI 4K (8 * 4096 * 2160)
  • A Dante-enabled computer will now have a unique name in Dante Controller
  • Wibu CodeMeter Runtime updated to version 8
  • WATCHOUT 7 shows can now be up to 4 gigabytes in size
  • All 3D models are now visualized as a composition cue, even single mesh ones
  • Display colors are now shown in the Device window
  • Frame displays have moved from Property window to stage context menu (when cues are selected)
  • Easier to work with sliders
  • Added support for MPCDI 1.0
  • Improved error messages
  • Now MPCDI version and canvas size are shown in asset info
  • New Placement section for cues and Stage**
  • Projector and calibration points are updated more frequently
  • Improved Dante activation feedback
  • Feedback reports contain more data
  • You can now edit calibration points and 3D camera with gamepad
  • Display channels in MPCDI now default to 1
  • Enable/disable also works for audio, in the Device menu
  • You now have to confirm before adding a Display to your local Producer
  • ‘Use Director’ button moves the show to the new Director
  • Added a ‘Shutdown and reboot to WATCHOUT 6’ option to Device actions
  • Smaller margins around some UI components to reduce scrolling
  • More confirm dialogs for sensitive actions
  • Improved GPU error messages

** Placement section made anchor points work the same way for displays and cues. It also added a default rotation for cues and displays.


  • Audio glitches due to device scanning are now resolved
  • Multi-channel audio glitch solved
  • ‘Open Show from Director’ no longer affects playback
  • Added Windows Firewall exceptions for OpenHardwareMonitor and Dante
  • In WATCHOUT, windows do not move to top left corner at startup
  • Linked position tween handles work as expected
  • The audio channel number can now be above 16
  • Display channel conflicts are now shown for all displays
  • Solved an issue in which timeline triggering did not work
  • Users now stay in calibration mode when window is resized
  • Hidden PSD layers are now excluded
  • IP changes during runtime work better
  • User interface for warp junction property now works
  • The correct 3D mesh is now highlighted when selected
  • Projectors can now “look” along the y-axis
  • Solved issue during auto-importing and upgrading assets
  • Timeline play marker now works more smoothly on a remote Director
  • Timeline duration now extends correctly when dragging cues
  • Fixed an issue in which the play cursor appeared to “break up” on the timeline
  • Fixed some cases where the play cursor did not move. Example: if the timeline was playing, but timeline editor not visible.
  • Removed NTP errors for Director computer
  • Stage overlay buttons do not obscure the view any more
  • Tween point movement is smoother
  • Tween point selection now works
  • Dropping composition assets directly in Stage window now works
  • ‘Change Working Directory’ (an Action in Node Properties) works again
  • Crossfades no longer return error messages

Dataton WATCHOUT version 7.1.1

Released February 22, 2024

Improvements and fixes

  • Deltacast runtime now supports version 2 of the GPU extension.
  • Tween points can start from time 00 (previously 00.050).
  • WATCHOUT will now start even if the working directory has been removed (by reverting to a default working directory).
  • WATCHOUT startup messages have been improved for clarity.
  • Buffers are correctly cleared when using outputs with different resolution. This resolves an issue in which artifacts remained visible on outputs.
  • Sync setup (NTP) now works with Spanish-language Windows systems.
  • On-screen info regarding virtual displays is presented correctly. This info was previously inverted.
  • A network issue where assets could not be downloaded to the display server has been resolved.

Dataton WATCHOUT® version 7.1

Released February 5, 2024

This is the first general release of version 7.

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