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Smart Centre chooses smart control

The non-profit organization GS1 is all about applying a systematic approach to identification and communication. Not surprisingly, GS1 Norway Smart Centre took a similar course of action when it came to showcasing its services, choosing a single system for both control and content. Dataton’s WATCHOUT multi-display software is teamed with WATCHNET customized control to provide a truly smart venue in downtown Oslo.

The GS1 Norway Smart Centre is a flexible meeting and demonstration space designed to host industry visitors, study tours, events and seminars. The venue features a 10-projector theatre, with working mock-ups of various logistic situations and two faux retail stores. To gain full and easy control over all the various aspects in the venue, including scheduling, lighting and room modes, the Centre chose to implement WATCHNET panels and control throughout.

From panels running WATCHNET, hosts can activate and control the different elements in each setup. For example, if a seminar is due to take place in the theatre, they chose a pre-set in WATCHNET which effectively transforms the room for that purpose: powering up the relevant projectors, microphones, lighting and bringing in the right feed to the screen. If the theatre is to be used for a standard cinematic presentation, operators select a different mode with the right lighting, projectors and show ready to roll. For demonstrations to customers in the logistics industry, a special workflow mock-up shows the path taken from factory to retail point. Products pass by on a conveyor belt, are scanned and the information registered at a prototype store. This whole scenario is activated from WATCHNET and all elements (computers, screens, belt, lighting) can also be controlled individually – even by visitors.

GS1 also use the WATCHNET system as a scheduler, automatically shutting down or powering up the venue’s AV hardware according to a pre-programmed calendar.

“We have a master panel which controls our entire GS1 Smart Centre. We also have several separate control panels, where our visitors can choose what they want to see themselves,” explains Anders Askevold, Manager at the GS1 Smart Centre. “That’s one of the reasons we chose WATCHNET – the ability to provide very customised control panels with our own design. We also appreciate the system’s flexibility; we not only control WATCHOUT on the screen, but also light, sound, conveyor belts and displays. What’s more, in our Supply Chain Simulator we control all those aspects, plus real time RFID capture.”

The GS1 Smart Centre is located in central Oslo, Norway.

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