Watchout in Perg
Htl perg

Austria: WATCHOUT in education

HTL-Perg is an undergraduate higher technical school specialising in computer science, informatics and software engineering. The Austrian college offers a broad curriculum including software programming, database management, project development, network technology and multimedia. Following the opening of a new multimedia lab, students can now also get hands-on with WATCHOUT!

"Within the specialization in multimedia, our students deal with image and video processing, digital photography and video authoring," explains professor Michael Buchberger. "We use WATCHOUT for authoring stunning, immersive audio/video presentations, teaching our students to use a multi-display system." 

The new multimedia lab boasts a WATCHOUT installation with a 4-projector wide screen setup and a 16-channel audio surround system. The permanent, professional rig gives students an excellent opportunity to view their creations in reality and learn from practical experience. 

"Being able to work through the entire process, from production to playback on multiple projectors, is invaluable from a learning perspective. We believe the new multimedia lab will inspire students in their creative work and equip them with useful skills for the future," concludes Michael Buchberger.

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