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India kicks off G20 presidency with palace projections

India got a flying start to its G20 presidency with a memorable Sherpa meet in Udaipur on December 4 to 7, 2022. At the G20 Sherpa meet, the first of 200 planned events, delegates were welcomed to the city and the new host country with an evening of culture, dance, fashion and large-scale projection on the Udaipur City Palace. Showstopper, Splat Studio designed the stunning visuals presented on the white stone building, teaming Dataton WATCHOUT with 12 projectors to cover the intricate facade. Digital agency Howwl collaborated on the content creation for the show.

"The work done by Splat Studio was appreciated wholeheartedly and was truly a creatively satisfying project," said Hitesh Kumar, Splat Studio. Long-time WATCHOUT users, Splat has an impressive track record in both large-scale projection events and experience centers. The G20 event followed hard on the heels of a similar mapping project in the region at the Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha building in Jaipur and, just a few days later, Splat Studio was responsible for the visuals at the G20 working group meeting in Mumbai, also using WATCHOUT. 

Ashok Sharma, APAC regional sales manager at Dataton, commented: "The G20 presidency is of course a matter of great national pride as it is the first time India is the host for the summit. We're very honored that Splat Studio chose WATCHOUT to be part of the G20 events!"

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