Oper 1 C Thomas Diemath
Oper 3 C Thomas Diemath
Oper 2 C Thomas Diemath
Watchout C Thomas Diemath
Klanglicht 2018 C Marija Kanizaj 0026
Klanglicht 2018 C Marija Kanizaj 0041
Klanglicht 2018 C Lupi Spuma 0253
Klanglicht 2018 C Lupi Spuma 0160
Klanglicht 2018 C Marija Kanizaj 0025
Klanglicht 2018 C Marija Kanizaj 0045

Stereoscopic WATCHOUT show shines bright in NY and Graz

Onionlab's stereoscopic projection-mapped animation "Axioma" continues to amaze visitors worldwide. Following its acclaimed performance at the LUMA projection arts festival in New York, the production was shown at the KlangLicht event in Graz, Austria in April 2018. Programmed in WATCHOUT, the six-projector show is an audiovisual journey through shapes and geometrical transformations from one-dimensional lines, to three-dimensional volumes and infinitely complex geometrical forms. 

Axioma is the brainchild of Onionlab, a Barcelona-based, multi-disciplinary studio. The stereoscopic 3D mapping show has two 2D images composited per frame, giving the projected image the illusion of three-dimensional depth. Special anaglyph glasses are handed out to the public before the show starts.

At the LUMA festival, New York, projection and WATCHOUT operation was by Fermin Romero III and Adam Gabriel. Thomas Diemath, Pro Video, was responsible for the technical aspects at the Klanglicht event.

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