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UAE celebrates 50th anniversary in style

With a reputation for always being ahead of the field when it comes to impressive events and technology, the 50th anniversary festivities of the United Arab Emirates were bound to be spectacular!   

One of the highlights of the celebrations at Abu Dhabi Emirates Palace was a performance by superstars Majid Almohandis and Aseel Hameem l اصيل هميم. The stunning stage design by HiLights Group centred around a huge LED screen set from Absen with both curved and angled screens. The seamless hi-res content was delivered with Dataton WATCHOUT multi-display software and WATCHPAX 60 media servers. HiLights also designed the lighting rig featuring newly acquired Cyclops Aquaray 400b Outdoor, SparklyLED 600P, and Claypaky K15 units.

The event was organized by Marvels Group with HiLights sister company  T.H.E. Technology providing the sound system setup.

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