Spectacular set for greatest showman

A legend deserves a legendary set and the concert by A. R. Rahman, "The Journey Celebrating Music" at Dubai Parks and Resorts, certainly did not disappoint. The Oscar-winning composer has a huge following in UAE and dazzled them with a lavish spectacle at the epic Bollywood Parks venue. With an arena-size stage and 697 sqm of LEDs to play with, Bangalore-based creative warehouse Pixadoo created an unforgettable show using Dataton WATCHOUT as their media server solution.   

“We’ve worked with A. R. Rahman on other tours and wanted to make this an event unlike anything experienced before,” explains VJ KayCee, visual artist and founder of Pixadoo. “The technical aspect was challenging. LEDs – 28000 pixels x 2400 pixels – were rigged on the scaffolding of the 280-feet wide stage. We also had LEDs on the floor." 

Pixadoo designed a setup based around six primary and six hot backup WATCHOUT servers driving a total of 24 channels primary and 24 backup channels via a matrix switcher. But perhaps the greatest challenge in the project was the time frame: with 20 days to ideate and conceptualize, the team had just 2 days to setup before the show itself!

“This event really opened our eyes to our capabilities as we went from pixel mapping to making LED come alive on such a large scale. It’s admirable to want to create great work, but equally important to ensure you have the right tools that enable you to do so,” says VJ KayCee. 

“Using WATCHOUT we exceeded our limits and really excelled. This event stands out for so many reasons but especially because it showed us, as a company, just what we are capable of achieving.”

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