February 8, 2015


Dataton brings a sharp new version of its award-winning WATCHOUT multi-display software to Integrated Systems Europe. Showing for the first time at stand 11-F80, WATCHOUT version 6 adds an unrivaled feature-set for advanced projection mapping, multiple-source video playback, 3D media and modeling, pre-visualization – all fronted by a radically revamped user interface.

"WATCHOUT 6 is the most significant upgrade in the 15-year history of the software. It’s bursting at the seams with powerful new features for show creators and offers the same rock-solid performance that users have come to expect from WATCHOUT," says Mike Fahl, Chief Software Architect at Dataton. Scheduled for release in the spring, this version offers new creative tools and smoother workflow for 3D projection and complicated mapping.

A new dimension of projection mapping

Show producers will appreciate the new 3D Projector feature which makes it easier than ever to accurately program and line-up complex 3D geometry projections. In WATCHOUT 6, any number of virtual projectors can be placed around a 3D object on screen, then re-positioned and corrected to create the perfect projection setup. Taking the process a step further, WATCHOUT 6 features new marker-based calibration to match the on-screen setup with the real-world object. WATCHOUT calculates all the parameters automatically, aligning the virtual 3D Projector to the exact location for total control over the final projection.

Fast workflow for 3D

WATCHOUT 6 vastly improves workflow for 3D productions. Three-dimensional models can be dragged straight into a WATCHOUT show – version 6 reads common 3D file formats such as 3DS, OBJ and Collada. In WATCHOUT, you can then texture 3D mesh areas independently with video, images or compositions for maximum creative effect.

The combination of new features in WATCHOUT 6 puts producers on a fast track to outstanding projection mapping: import a 3D model of a real-world object, map it with content, then use the new 3D Projector and marker-based calibration features to get pixel-accurate image mapping.

Stage view from all angles

WATCHOUT 6 offers pre-visualization, letting you use 3D models as props to create a realistic simulation of the entire presentation environment. Teamed with the new 3D Projector feature, you can get a multi-camera view of your stage from different perspectives. Before you arrive on-site, you’ll already know how your stage looks from different audience angles; you’ll already have made any necessary adjustments, and you’ll already have saved valuable setup time.

Bring on the video

For every video technician who has ever battled with different video formats from different clients, WATCHOUT 6 now supports high-end uncompressed formats such as V210 and Apple ProRes, and the popular, low-compression, high-performance HAP codecs. This open-ended approach is aimed at streamlining the show-making process, removing the headaches often associated with incoming assets. WATCHOUT 6 also plays uncompressed image sequences at full resolution and frame-rate from a fast hard-drive, removing the need for time-consuming encoding of 3D or After Effects renderings.

Looks better than ever

WATCHOUT 6 has undergone a major facelift on the outside, too. New-look WATCHOUT is easier on your eyes in a darkened show environment, presenting a clear and uncluttered user interface in the best Dataton design tradition.

More features in WATCHOUT 6

Live edit: See all changes live, as you make them. This speeds up precise editing and positioning of content on stage, since all edits take effect instantly.Virtual displays: Create displays of any shape or resolution – useful for mapping pixels on LED walls.

Custom blending masks: For unusual projection surfaces, create your own custom masks of any shape with individual control of the blending curve.

Multi-channel audio playback: Route and control channels in multi-channel audio files to different outputs for outstanding sound effects.

Frame-rate control: Slow down an animation or adapt the duration of a clip to fit your show while maintaining smooth playback in WATCHOUT.

Dynamic image server: Use HTML5-based web content, as well as stills and Flash content, for on-screen live feeds.

Dataton will exhibit at Integrated Systems Europe 2015, Stand 11-F80, February 10-12, 2015

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