April 3, 2017

Dataton gives sneak peek at new control and video-over-IP features at P+S 2017

Datatonis previewing exciting new features in its award-winning WATCHOUT multi-display system andWATCHNET control software atProlight + Sound. The upcoming version of WATCHOUT will include live IP productionworkflow and 24-channel ASIO support, while WATCHNET adds features tomake life easier for live event operators.

LiveIP production (video-over-IP)will be enabled in the WATCHOUT multi-display system by the open NDI protocol from NewTek. NDI enables multiple video streams on a sharedconnection, supporting high quality, low latency, frame-accuratevideo over localarea networks.

“Adding support for NDI capture in WATCHOUT will really benefit users in terms of deployment time and costs. LiveIP production means users can bypassthe technical and physical limitations of standard broadcastinfrastructure,”says Miroslav Andel, Chief Software Developer, Dataton AB.

Dataton will also be previewing 24-channel audio support in WATCHOUT throughASIO (Audio Stream Input/Output), a multi-channel audio transferprotocol developed by Steinberg. Using the protocol, WATCHOUT gainscontrol over the sound device, enabling low-latency access of up to24 audio channels – great news for producers working with complexsound scenarios as part of their WATCHOUT show.

AtProlight + Sound, Dataton will show new features in WATCHNET, itsnetwork-based software for custom control of WATCHOUT systems. Duefor release shortly, WATCHNET 1.4 adds selected device controlprotocols – as well as production computer control.

“Being able to control the production computer means WATCHNET is now well-suited to live show situations,” explains Miroslav Andel,Dataton. “In live events, operators normally want to access the production software directly to run the show. With the new features in WATCHNET, the operator can now control the production software via WATCHNET, programming important buttons in the GUI for easier and safer access.”

Datatonwill exhibit on stand 4.0-B59 Prolight + Sound 2017, April 4-7.

About Dataton

Dataton is the creator of the award-winning WATCHOUT multi-display production and playback system, and WATCHPAX media servers. Founded in 1973, Dataton serves core markets in leisure and attractions industries, broadcast and theater, live events and corporate AV. Dataton is based in Sweden with worldwide representation through an established partner network. For more information, please visit www.dataton.com


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