Dataton wins rAVe 2018 Best of ISE award

Dataton was the proud recipient of the "Best Concept Product" award in the overall winners category in the rAVe 2018 Best of ISE Awards! During the show, we presented a preview of real-time motion tracking integration with WATCHOUT using an advanced – but fun – demo. It struck a chord with visitors and the rAVe team alike!

Scroll down to see a clip from the demo

The award-winning sneak peek at ISE, Amsterdam, showed WATCHOUT interacting with a six-camera CAST BlackTrax system to precision-map a complex moving object. This future feature will support systems using RTTrPM (Real-Time Tracking Protocol - Motion) and be available in Dataton rack servers. The preview at ISE featured an advanced 3D model in constant motion on a motorised turntable with striking content created by Polish design house, MOOV. Visitors were also able to move the model to test the speed and accuracy of the mapping solution. Four Epson laser projectors were used to map the object.

We appreciate the recognition and want to send big thanks and a special shout-out to our friends over at BlackTrax Real-time Tracking!

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