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Join us for TechTalks at ISE 2020

For these 15-30 minute sessions, we've invited industry experts to talk about real-life cases, tech and solutions. There are just 10 seats available at each session and all sessions are in English. [Registration is now closed!]

Transform everyday spaces into immersive experiences

Award-winning Master Projection Designer, Bart Kresa, discusses the trend of using digital media installations to transform everyday spaces into immersive experiences. He shares his vision for incorporating AI and interactivity into his studio’s projection design process. 

Mr Kresa's presentation will show a range of permanent installations, giving an overview of the ways in which his studio elevates the design of immersive environments. He will discuss using WATCHOUT to create and maintain high-end installations.

Presenter: Bart Kresa, BARTKRESA studio, ISE 2019 opening address speaker

When: 4 pm, Tuesday and Wednesday

Building fully automated redundancy
for WATCHOUT in advanced fixed installations

Taking the AV systems at the new National Museum of Qatar as their example, the presenters explain how to incorporate automatic switching to a backup system in advanced WATCHOUT show environments.

Presenters: Lluís Badosa, Rainer Beddig

When: 11 am, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Connect Control Deliver –
NDI® Essentials and NewTek meets WATCHOUT

In this short introduction to NDI® technology, presenter Liam Hayter from NewTek explains what it is and how it works, then digs deeper with a look at a real-life example of NewTek TriCaster and VMC integration with WATCHOUT and NDI.

Presenter: Liam Hayter, Newtek

When: 12 noon, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Using WATCHOUT in teaching applications

Educator Michael Buchberger explains how he has implemented WATCHOUT in a teaching environment for computer science and multimedia students, as part of the Dataton Educational Licensing program.

Presenter: Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Michael Buchberger

When: 2 pm Tuesday, 4 pm Thursday

Projection mapping the world's largest bust sculpture

The 112 ft tall Adiyogi presents many challenges as a mapping object – its sheer size, the volume of visitors every day, the sanctity of the site and, not least, its black metallic surface. Learn how the team at Axis Three Dee Studios overcame those challenges and created an awe-inspiring immersive event.

Presenter: Avijit Samajdar, Axis Three Dee Studios

When: 2 pm, Wednesday and Thursday

Large-scale content management –
how to survive on-site

Prepare for a roller-coaster ride through perhaps the most complex WATCHOUT show file ever created!

150 TB of content, last-minute changes, multiple producers, high security, VIP visitors, long hours in a stressful environment … Using a recent high-profile case as his example, production manager Jochri Michel gives advice on how to survive even the most complex events.

Presenter: Johannes-Christian Michel, CEO & Workflow Architect Winterbloom GmbH

When: 3 pm, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

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