Watchpax 40 new dataton media server



  • NEW! WATCHPAX 40 with built-in EDID emulation
  • Get hands-on with WATCHOUT
  • Talk to product experts from US and Europe 
  • Experience real-time motion mapping with WATCHOUT, BlackTrax tracking and Epson projectors
  • Free trade show entry with Dataton code: EXINV341

Head to booth 743 to discover the creative possibilities in WATCHOUT and… a brand new media server! Showing for the first time, WATCHPAX 40 is an ultra-portable, high-performance media server with EDID emulation for even smoother show setup!

Meet us! Our North American product specialists and partners, Show Sage look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas.

• Media servers We've got media servers to suit every application from pocket-size WATCHPAX 20, to workhorse WATCHPAX 4 and the powerful WATCHPAX 60 series with up to 12 outputs. New WATCHPAX 40 has the same compact form factor as the WATCHPAX 4 with four 4K outputs, but offers EDID emulation, built-in quick restore, and more power under the hood. Come by the booth and take a look!

• Real-time motion mapping Check out our demo of low-latency, real-time motion tracking integration in WATCHOUT. This eyecatcher features a six-camera CAST BlackTrax system, four EPSON projectors, a complex object in motion and great mapped content. Watch a super-short excerpt from the demo here.


Don't miss the Projection Mapping Summit, November 20 & 21 supported by WorldStage and partners Show Sage. The summit will be moderated once again by Norman Coates and attendees will be exclusively using WATCHOUT on both days!

If you have a specific question or want to talk about a certain feature or possibility, please schedule a meeting at the link above!

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