WATCHOUT Release Notes - Version 7

Dataton WATCHOUT version 7.1.2

Release March 25, 2024

This release headlines with a major increase in the number of pixels supported per computer, now 8 x DCI 4K. Version 7.1.2 adds a host of other improvements, especially in feedback (error messages, reports and confirmations), user interface (sliders, info presentation) and show size. 


  • Increased number of pixels allowed per computer. Pixel limitation is now 8 x DCI 4K (8 * 4096 * 2160)
  • A Dante-enabled computer will now have a unique name in Dante Controller
  • Wibu CodeMeter Runtime updated to version 8
  • WATCHOUT 7 shows can now be up to 4 gigabytes in size
  • All 3D models are now visualized as a composition cue, even single mesh ones
  • Display colors are now shown in the Device window
  • Frame displays have moved from Property window to stage context menu (when cues are selected)
  • Easier to work with sliders
  • Added support for MPCDI 1.0
  • Improved error messages
  • Now MPCDI version and canvas size are shown in asset info
  • New Placement section for cues and Stage**
  • Projector and calibration points are updated more frequently
  • Improved Dante activation feedback
  • Feedback reports contain more data
  • You can now edit calibration points and 3D camera with gamepad
  • Display channels in MPCDI now default to 1
  • Enable/disable also works for audio, in the Device menu
  • You now have to confirm before adding a Display to your local Producer
  • ‘Use Director’ button moves the show to the new Director
  • Added a ‘Shutdown and reboot to WATCHOUT 6’ option to Device actions
  • Smaller margins around some UI components to reduce scrolling
  • More confirm dialogs for sensitive actions
  • Improved GPU error messages

** Placement section made anchor points work the same way for displays and cues. It also added a default rotation for cues and displays.


  • Audio glitches due to device scanning are now resolved
  • Multi-channel audio glitch solved
  • ‘Open Show from Director’ no longer affects playback
  • Added Windows Firewall exceptions for OpenHardwareMonitor and Dante
  • In WATCHOUT, windows do not move to top left corner at startup
  • Linked position tween handles work as expected
  • The audio channel number can now be above 16
  • Display channel conflicts are now shown for all displays
  • Solved an issue in which timeline triggering did not work
  • Users now stay in calibration mode when window is resized
  • Hidden PSD layers are now excluded
  • IP changes during runtime work better
  • User interface for warp junction property now works
  • The correct 3D mesh is now highlighted when selected
  • Projectors can now “look” along the y-axis
  • Solved issue during auto-importing and upgrading assets
  • Timeline play marker now works more smoothly on a remote Director
  • Timeline duration now extends correctly when dragging cues
  • Fixed an issue in which the play cursor appeared to “break up” on the timeline
  • Fixed some cases where the play cursor did not move. Example: if the timeline was playing, but timeline editor not visible.
  • Removed NTP errors for Director computer
  • Stage overlay buttons do not obscure the view any more
  • Tween point movement is smoother
  • Tween point selection now works
  • Dropping composition assets directly in Stage window now works
  • ‘Change Working Directory’ (an Action in Node Properties) works again
  • Crossfades no longer return error messages

Dataton WATCHOUT version 7.1.1

Released February 22, 2024

Improvements and fixes in WATCHOUT 7.1.1:

  • Deltacast runtime now supports version 2 of the GPU extension.
  • Tween points can start from time 00 (previously 00.050).
  • WATCHOUT will now start even if the working directory has been removed (by reverting to a default working directory).
  • WATCHOUT startup messages have been improved for clarity.
  • Buffers are correctly cleared when using outputs with different resolution. This resolves an issue in which artifacts remained visible on outputs.
  • Sync setup (NTP) now works with Spanish-language Windows systems.
  • On-screen info regarding virtual displays is presented correctly. This info was previously inverted.
  • A network issue where assets could not be downloaded to the display server has been resolved.

Dataton WATCHOUT® version 7.1

Released February 5, 2024

This is the first general release of version 7.

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