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We previewed some of the highlights of the next release of WATCHOUT at trade shows worldwide in 2023. In the upcoming release (version 7) the focus is on collaboration, cross-team workflow, smart solutions for operators, and adding even more creative power to your shows. 

For show producers, designers and operators, we're upping the ante considerably with the next release, with up to 16-bit color depth, HDR playback, color space management, and support of key file formats such as Notch® LC and HEVC/H.265. You can also expect support of NDI® in and out with all the cost, speed and quality benefits that brings. We're adding a new video engine and enhancing synch across multiple media servers. 

The staged release starts in September when we roll out the new version to a limited audience. 


We're redesigning the user interface but if you've worked in WATCHOUT previously, you'll still feel right at home (for the most part!).

In WATCHOUT 7 we're introducing a whole new function: the Asset Manager. This enables a shared, streamlined workflow and provides seamless optimization. Your creative team can upload their content to the Asset Manager and you grab it as you program the show. Video is optimized as you drop it onto the timeline, using the codecs that offer best performance. You get a fast, low-res media preview so you won't miss a beat as you program. 

What's more, the uploaded assets continue to be available even after your show, making it easier to share content across multiple shows.

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When it comes to sound, there'll be a new audio engine, built-in Dante® support and enhanced audio routing. The leading network audio system, Dante (Digital Audio Network Through Ethernet) delivers uncompressed, multi-channel, low-latency digital audio over a standard network. That not only means great audio but also more flexibility in the field, reducing the need for audio interfaces hardware/converters.

The upcoming release comes in two modes: the light version is free to download and use, just like WATCHOUT production software always has been. The full version includes the Asset Manager function and requires a license key.

Check out version 7 here!

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