Projection mapping pop-up experience

Hako, BARTKRESA studio’s newest 360-degree projection-mapped sculpture, is a pop-up experience that artists around the world can build and projection map. The novel concept also encompasses a series of free, projection design workshops online (featuring WATCHOUT) to celebrate and connect the diverse global arts community. 

What is Hako?

Hako is a Japanese word for a box that contains precious items. For this project, Hako is a manipulated cube which provides the simple foundation for a bright and lively character.

How it works

Artists with an interest in projection mapping are invited to apply to participate in the series of remote workshops to design their own Hako. The program will culminate in the premiere of a global exhibition, shared virtually on the Hako website and social media. Up to 100 artists will be accepted, and prior projection mapping experience is not required. Applications close July 28. Apply here:

Projection design workshops

Bart Kresa will connect remotely with the selected artists, teaching an overview of projection design. The short series of workshops will discuss:

  1. History of the design & video mapping
  2. Bart Kresa’s design philosophy
  3. Template building
  4. Designing & animating for projections
  5. Technical preparation & programming the show (using Dataton WATCHOUT)

The result of the workshops will be a collection of Hakos that come to life around the world. All of the work will stream live, creating a virtual global festival!

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